Product FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Product FAQ

Frequently asked questions

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  • What's SpaceSight?

    SpaceSight is an AI solution designed to enhance the understanding of customer behavior within retail spaces. It uses advanced video analytics to provide detailed insights that can help brands and retailers make more informed decisions.

    SpaceSight's video analytics solution extracts valuable data from video feeds, analyzing behaviors and patterns to provide actionable insights. This can include information about customer demographics, shopping behaviors, and in-store journeys. With this data, brands can tailor their retail strategies more effectively, optimizing store layout, marketing strategies, and product placement to better meet their customers' needs.

  • What's the differences between SpaceSight and regular surveillance system?

    Traditional surveillance systems primarily focus on monitoring and recording activities for security purposes. They often involve simple video capture and storage capabilities, with little to no advanced analysis of the data collected. 

    In essence, their main function is to provide a visual record that can be reviewed manually if an incident occurs. On the other hand, SpaceSight, as an AI-powered video analytics solution, goes far beyond the capabilities of a regular surveillance system.

  • What's SpaceSight's traffic counting stands out from other companies's solutions?

    1. Industry-Specific Solutions: SpaceSight has developed mature solutions that are tailored to the needs of various industries. This enables clients to gain insights that are directly relevant to their specific contexts.

    2. ReID Feature: SpaceSight offers a ReID feature that boasts a high accuracy rate of up to 99%. This suggests superior identification and tracking capabilities, providing more reliable and precise traffic data.

    3. Back-End Data Analysis: SpaceSight supports back-end data analysis, allowing for comprehensive and detailed examination of traffic data. This can be valuable in identifying patterns and trends.

    4. Abnormal Traffic Alert: An exceptional feature is the alert system for abnormal traffic hotspot data, which can warn businesses about unusual activity in real-time, allowing for swift response.

    5. Comprehensive Traffic Analysis: SpaceSight's approach to traffic analysis is multi-faceted. It includes entrance and exit analysis, in-store traffic analysis, store type profiling, batch traffic analysis, and shelf analysis. This extensive suite of analysis options offers a holistic view of store operations, which can help businesses make more informed decisions.

  • Do I need to replace my existing camera? Do I need to change the spot of the camera?

    It depends. SpaceSight requires a compatible camera with a minimum resolution of 1080p. If you wish to use advanced features like ReID, an AI camera is necessary. If you want to use your existing camera, an additional AI Hub will be required, which typically supports up to 4 cameras per AI hub. You can provide your camera model for our specialist to verify compatibility. Other considerations include the height of the space and any obstructions that might affect the camera's field of view. A solution architect will need to assess the specific needs of your space.

  • How much area can a single security camera cover? How many cameras do we need to install?

    The area a single security camera can cover depends on factors such as the height at which the camera is installed and the configuration of the space. If your primary need is tracking entry and exit traffic, two cameras may suffice. However, if you require more advanced analytics like heat mapping and customer flow analysis, the number of cameras needed may increase. The exact number will depend on the specifics of your space and your analytic needs. Our solution architect can provide a detailed assessment.

  • How do you identify demographics such as Gender and Age?

    SpaceSight identifies demographics such as gender and age using our proprietary big data model, which has been trained on a diverse and large dataset. This allows us to accurately infer these characteristics from video footage. It's important to note that we do not capture or use any facial recognition data in our analysis. All data processing is conducted with a strong commitment to privacy, security, and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

  • Where do you store data?

    SpaceSight does not store any images or videos; these are owned by the brands and retailers. The data we generate from our analyses are securely stored on Azure, which is our default cloud platform. We're proud partners with both Azure and AWS, ensuring that we utilize top-tier platforms for data security. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of data security and privacy.

  • Can you recognize repeat customers? Can you identify the same customers when they visit the store on the next day or after?

    Yes, we can identify repeat customers on the same day, if they wear the same outfit. Our ReID feature captures outfit details to identify individuals. However, if the same customer visits the next day with a different outfit, we won't be able to recognize them as the same individual. We respect privacy and do not identify individuals unless we have their consent.

  • What's Cast?

    Cast is a product designed to analyze both audio and video content with the primary objective of assisting companies in gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs. The system leverages the analysis of audio and video interactions to provide valuable insights into customer preferences and concerns. Additionally, Cast facilitates employee training, enabling them to improve their pitching techniques and enhance customer service based on the knowledge gained from the audio and video data.

  • What's Smart Audio Badge?

    Smart Audio Badge is a hardware component of the Cast system. It is a specialized device designed to record audio interactions between customers and sales representatives or employees. The Smart Audio Badge captures and stores audio data during customer interactions, which is later analyzed by the Cast system to derive valuable insights for training employees and better serving the customers.

  • Why do we need Smart Audio Badge?

    The Smart Audio Badge serves a crucial role in the Cast system. By recording audio interactions, it allows businesses to gather real-time data on customer conversations and sales pitches. This data is then used to assess the quality of interactions, identify areas of improvement, and provide targeted training to employees. With the Smart Audio Badge, companies can gain a more accurate understanding of customer needs and preferences, leading to more effective sales strategies and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Why is sales recording important?

    The audio data captured by the Smart Audio Badge is a valuable resource that can be used for various purposes. The Cast system can use Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to convert the audio into text, enabling easy analysis and categorization of customer feedback, concerns, and interests. Additionally, voiceprint recognition and matching features can be employed to identify and authenticate customers or sales representatives based on unique voice characteristics.

    With the audio data, businesses can:

    · Analyze customer interactions to understand their needs and pain points better.

    · Identify successful sales pitches and best practices to train other employees.

    · Evaluate the overall service quality and communication skills of employees.

    · Derive actionable insights to improve customer service and sales strategies.

    · Create personalized customer experiences based on individual preferences.

    · Enhance employee training programs for more effective pitching and customer engagement.

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