In Stream Optimization to Foster Engagement and Extend Reach to Audience.

2023-03-05 10:51:58

During live streaming, facing fluctuations in core data indicators such as GMV and online audience numbers, controllers and anchors often rely on personal experience and are unable to make quick and agile strategic adjustments, which often result in missed key points and poor conversion rates.

Different types of live streaming rooms have different emphases on "product promotion", "brand promotion", and "lead generation". In Whale Cast, controllers can customize the alert rules for core data indicators according to their needs.

You can set the alert frequency to prompt Whale Cast to remind you of abnormal data fluctuations in a timely manner, and provide you with targeted optimization and operational suggestions based on the alert information, making your strategy adjustments more timely, intelligent, and effortless, helping you improve conversion efficiency.

For example, Whale Cast's "product promotion view" focuses on e-commerce, while the "brand promotion view" focuses on marketing and brand promotion. In December, Whale Cast added a "lead generation view" data indicator to better meet the needs of "lead generation" live streaming rooms for collecting and analyzing lead clues.

With the help of the "lead generation view", industries such as automobiles that attach more importance to lead clues can focus more on data retention and analysis in live streaming control and replay scenarios, gain insight into the growth trend of live streaming rooms, and explore the full life cycle value of consumers.

When it comes to live streaming sales, many times it is about creating an "atmosphere" and "experience". The sales atmosphere in the live streaming room directly affects the conversion efficiency of goods, and the interaction rate, audience retention time, and live streaming room retention rate are positively correlated.

In addition to unique live streaming scenes and explanations, maintaining interaction in the comments section is a key part of creating a sales atmosphere in the live streaming room.

However, during live streaming, as traffic in the live streaming room surges, anchors are often too busy explaining the products to pay attention to the questions and interactions in the comments section, which wastes natural traffic. Therefore, controllers need to interact with the comments section in a timely manner to maintain a good atmosphere.

Faced with a massive number of comments, how can we efficiently solve users' problems and promote product conversion rates?

Whale Cast's live streaming control assistant supports intelligent Q&A in the comments section. Based on AI capabilities, it synchronizes real-time comments during the live stream to help controllers efficiently identify and capture "key comments", understand fans' demands for products, and help remind anchors to reply to viewers in a timely manner, improving service efficiency, avoiding unnecessary viewer loss, and reducing the decision-making time for fans to place orders to some extent.

For example, during a live streaming session for a beauty brand, the controller can add pending questions to the "comment Q&A area" with one click through the real-time comment panel, and the Q&A assistant can help identify the questions in the fan messages and match them with the best answer in the "knowledge base". If an answer is not found, the controller can directly edit the answer for comment section replies.

And the host can also use the smart Q&A dashboard to verbally answer questions from the comments section, ensuring that every comment in the live stream is promptly addressed and improving the audience's interactive experience.

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