Through Whale SpaceSight, BESTORE has improved the overall data management and control of stores, greatly improved store management efficiency, and reduced management costs.
  • Background
    BESTORE focuses on providing consumers with high-end snacks, and has a well-balanced and highly integrated omni-channel sales network with online and offline structures. At present, BESTORE has opened more than 2,900 stores offline, and operates 99 sub-channels online, making it one of the most popular national snack brands.
  • Demand

    In the process of seeking new offline stores, the brand lacks the support of relevant data such as customer flow conversion rate.

    In the process of actual store operation improvement, the brand lacks support for store user behavior data.

Solution and Value

By obtaining data such as customer flow in and out of the store at the entrance and exit, customer stay time, customer flow line and other data, it can analyze more store operation status such as the conversion rate of customer flow out of the store.

Capture and analyze real-time store dynamic data and user behavior data after customers enter the store.

"With the increasingly fierce competition in the leisure retail industry, we hope to use the store digital management solution to greatly improve the data management efficiency of stores for BESTORE"


Bestore x Whale | SpaceSight Enable Digital Operation of 2900+ Stores

With the development of China's economy, casual snacks have changed from optional consumer goods to popular and high-frequency essential consumer goods, with a market size of over one trillion yuan. As an all-around player in the casual snack industry, BESTORE is an enterprise with balanced development both online and offline. With BESTORE increasing its layout of offline stores, the digital transformation and upgrading of offline stores and improving the efficiency of store digital management have become the general trend.

But how to obtain and analyze the real-time passenger flow data of offline stores, and realize the analysis of customer store behavior data and store operation data through the data platform, so as to improve the upgrade of store operation efficiency? This is a part of the brand that urgently needs to be transformed.

Against such a market background, Weiying and BESTORE, together with the analysis of passenger flow and user behavior data of more than 2,900 stores, as well as store business data, help brands improve their data management and control over operations.

For BESTORE, which has many offline stores, it is necessary to analyze data such as user behavior of major stores, obtain data such as daily store in and out passenger flow, and improve store management efficiency based on data and algorithms.

Through "Whale SpaceSight", Whale SpaceSight counts the daily passenger flow in and out of stores, and assists in monitoring the daily operation status of more than 2,900 stores in BESTORE. The functional modules in SpaceSight can analyze various data indicators such as store user behavior data, greatly increase the value of data, and help offline stores improve operational management efficiency.

The cooperation between Weiwei and BESTORE has greatly improved BESTORE's data management and control of store operations, and has great data management and promotion value for the entire food retail chain industry. In the future, Weiwei will assist BESTORE to carry out follow-up cooperation around the digitization of the offline space of 2,000 stores across the country, and comprehensively upgrade the store data (such as customer group portraits, etc.) management system.

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