Whale provided Mengniu with a set of overall optimization suggestions for WeChat Mall. Through the system optimization of its WeChat platform, the development of new functions, and the analysis of WeChat background data; at the same time, the optimization of consumer touchpoints promotes consumers to buy again, so as to help the brand improve the overall sales conversion rate.
  • Background
    Mengniu is a leading dairy supplier in China, one of the top ten dairy companies in the world, and owns a number of flagship product lines. Mengniu has always adhered to innovative research and development, and is committed to becoming the most trustworthy nutritional and healthy food company in the world.
  • Demand

    Improve the efficiency of its e-commerce interaction to Mengniu WeChat platform attention.

    The proportion of fans unfollowing on the WeChat platform is too high, and the number of unfollowing needs to be effectively reduced.

    Increase the number of fans on the WeChat platform and the number of registered members of interactive consumers.

    Improve the overall sales conversion rate of the WeChat platform.

Solution and Value

Through the system optimization and new function development of the Mengniu WeChat platform, increase fans' attention and the number of registered members, and reduce the unfollowing rate of fans.

Optimize the contact points of the e-commerce platform and WeChat platform, find the frequent contact points of consumers, and promote consumers to buy again through marketing automation and new function development.

With the digital transformation and upgrading of the dairy industry, we hope to improve the effectiveness of digital management on the consumer side for Mengniu.


Mengniu Dairy x Whale | End-to-end Data Insights to Optimize Online Store

With the increasingly fierce market competition in the dairy industry, the requirements for comprehensive digital construction are more urgent. As a dairy giant, Mengniu has been changing the thinking mode of the entire business and continuously building and improving digital capabilities.

In Mengniu's digital work strategy, end-to-end data insight is a very important part. In Mengniu's view, digitalization will support the group's insight into consumers and influence the direction of research and development of new products; at the same time, digitalization will also improve Mengniu's overall operational efficiency, which is the focus of Mengniu's digital work construction.

Mengniu's consumer digital platform architecture includes application layer, service layer, and data layer. The entire structure is based on marketing interaction, including business areas, e-commerce areas, online marketing, etc. However, due to the complexity of the system, problems such as data scattering and data islands appeared, which made the overall operation system face great challenges.

Whale provided Mengniu with a complete set of solutions for WeChat Mall. Through personalized customization and system optimization, optimize drainage channels and attract fans' attention; establish a marketing mechanism to increase user stickiness and reduce fans' unfollowing rate; through system optimization and establishment of membership point system, promote fans to bind mobile phone registration members; Consumer touch point optimization, application of "churn model solution" to analyze purchase data; through cross-product analysis, reasonable product combination recommendations are made to promote consumers to buy again. Whale's digital marketing solutions have greatly improved the operational efficiency and sales conversion rate of Mengniu WeChat Mall.

The cooperation between Whale and Mengniu has greatly improved the efficiency of digital marketing and operation of Mengniu WeChat Mall, and has great digital management and promotion value for the entire dairy industry.

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