Sweaty Betty
The reason why Sweaty Betty has gained a foothold and achieved great success in China fiercely competitive market is that, in addition to the high-quality and high-priced clothing system, the constantly upgrading digital technology and breaking the circle at the level of data application are also the hard power for the brand to break through.
  • Background
    ​Sweaty Betty is a sports fashion brand from the UK. Founded in 1998, it mainly sells sports underwear, yoga clothes, sports leggings, various sportswear and other products, aiming to inspire women to seek self-confidence through sports and pursue a healthy lifestyle.
  • Demand

    Support self-built e-commerce data platform to meet the needs of basic functions such as Sweaty Betty GA (Google Analytics), and also need to have more functions that meet the characteristics of Chinese e-commerce.

    Highly demanding customized development capabilities and supporting services.

    Possess real-time and multi-dimensional data analysis capabilities to support business, and provide data decision-making basis for various marketing promotion activities.

Solution and Value

Provide a complete set of EC-BI self-built e-commerce data platform, provide customers with the behavior data they need and incorporate the core data of many other systems of customers.

The self-built e-commerce data platform provides real-time data analysis and corresponding optimization suggestions for the business side.

"The reason why Sweaty Betty has gained a foothold in China's fiercely competitive market and achieved great success is that in addition to the high-quality and high-priced clothing system, the constantly upgrading digital technology and breaking the circle at the level of data application are the brand's truly powerful comprehensive product strength.”

Sweaty Betty x Whale | Improve Digital Transformation Effectiveness

As one of the largest clothing markets in the world, China has become an important market for many international clothing brands. With the rapid development of China's e-commerce platform, the digitalization process of international clothing brands in China is also speeding up simultaneously, and brands have deployed their own e-commerce platforms in China.

Sweaty Betty is vigorously developing e-commerce in China. While building its own brand e-commerce, it urgently needs a complete set of e-commerce data underlying platform (EC-BI) designed in line with the brand concept to accommodate, manage and analyze massive data .

As a long-term trusted partner of the brand, Weil provides a sound service system that Sweaty Betty needs. With the help of ODS embedded system products and DMP data platform products, Weil and Sweaty Betty have designed and built a data underlying platform (EC-BI) that conforms to the brand's own concept, integrating complex and fragmented massive data, and realizing data business and business digitization, and complete precision marketing through data-driven business.

The self-built e-commerce data platform built by Weiwei for Sweaty Betty is based on the combination of Kappa architecture and Lambda architecture, which not only meets the needs of historical data analysis, but also meets the requirements of real-time data. During the implementation process, the data platform combines cloud native technology and separates computing and storage to store master data such as Sweaty Betty EC e-commerce, stores, members, and commodities, offline store data, intelligent marketing terminal data, and behavior data. Integrate complex and scattered data such as point data, break data islands, and clear obstacles for data-driven business analysis and decision-making.

Whale has built a set of big data BI system architecture for Sweaty Betty's online official website in mainland China and Hong Kong, China, respectively, which can monitor online sales transactions and visit traffic conversion in real time; Collect various master data such as coupon data, collect front-end traffic data at buried points, and customize and develop various business reports according to the needs of the brand, so that the brand can monitor sales and traffic data, review marketing activities, formulate business plans, and truly realize users. Data-driven business analysis and decision-making.

After the completion of the project, the Sweaty Betty e-commerce data platform built by Weiwei provided brands with various real-time reports, including sales reports, traffic reports, product reports, and activity analysis, and delivered a total of more than 220 real-time calculation indicator data. Combined with the needs of brand marketing automation projects, Weiwei gradually builds a data middle platform and builds theme centers such as order centers, flow centers, and member centers. Complete data reception, filtering, calculation, and output in a highly available streaming computing framework, and provide the data required by customers in real time for subscription and use by different data users. Completed a total of more than 70 tag data in the middle station, and can realize real-time application-marketing message push and other functions.

Through this cooperation, Sweaty Betty hopes to continue to optimize the construction of the data platform together with Weiwei in the future. From the online e-commerce platform to the brand's offline stores, complete the construction of a complete data closed-loop system integrating online and offline. It is expected that Sweaty Betty can make full use of digital technology to provide Chinese consumers with better services.

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