「Whale SpaceSight」helps Polestar Automobile achieve the purpose of business optimization and inspection, and truly realize playing with offline store space.
  • Background
    Polestar is a design-driven global high-performance electric vehicle brand from Sweden. As an innovative retail space, Polestar Space allows users to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant car buying experience without sales pressure in the bustling area of ​​the city center.
  • Demand

    Analyze the customer flow to and from the store, provide data support for follow-up services, and optimize store layout and operation.

    Improve the store's safety response capability and enhance the standardization of staff operation supervision.

    Verify the exposure and conversion rate of vehicles in offline stores, gain real insights into customers, and improve store performance.

Solution and Value

Through「 Whale SpaceSight」set up offline equipment embedding points, perceive customer journeys, and improve store marketing capabilities.

Through SpaceSight intelligent inspection and audio and video AI quality inspection, standardize store operation and improve the management and control of offline stores.

" With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic automobile market, automobile OEMs are also paying more attention to the operation of offline stores. We hope to use "Whale SpaceSight" to help Polestar Auto achieve the purpose of business optimization and inspection, and truly realize playing with offline store space."


Polestar x Whale | Build Solid Operational Foundation

The store is the place where the distance between users and the brand is the closest and where the opportunities for interaction are the most dense. Polestar Motors attaches great importance to the utilization of passenger flow value and the standardized supervision of store operations. The brand knows very well that the user analysis layer and the store operation layer must focus on both to make themselves invincible. Through its offline store data product -「 Whale SpaceSight」, Whale sets up offline equipment embedding points, perceives customer journeys, and standardizes store operations, greatly improving the management and control of Polestar Automobile's offline stores. marketing power.

Accurate insight into the passenger flow at the entrance and exit, escorting the safety of the store.

Customer flow is "living water" for stores and the foundation of business, and the value of customer flow lies not only in conversion, but also in the in-depth empowerment of its data analysis for store operation and marketing.

With the help of Weiwei, Polestar Automobile has deployed AI cameras at appropriate positions at the entrances and exits of the stores. Statistics and basic information precipitation were carried out in accordance with laws and regulations, and accurate passenger flow statistics were deduplicated.

For a large number of entrance and exit passenger flow data every day, Weiwei provides the characteristic function of batch management: the brand can use the standard multi-channel function to monitor the operation of the store in real time; it can set the target monitoring field of view and take screenshots according to the rules; it can customize the rules to obtain batch data etc. In addition, the special function of intrusion alarm has been set up to help the brand monitor & analyze in real time, retrospectively verify, and escort the safe operation of the store.

Fully understand the customer flow in the store, so that the marketing plan can be based on evidence.

Through SpaceSight, Weiwei assisted Polestar Automobile, using the in-store trajectory ReID technology to comprehensively aggregate and analyze the in-store passenger flow data, draw the in-store passenger flow heat map and moving line map, and record the length of time that the in-store passenger flow stays in the area, for the brand. Cold zone analysis provides data support.

In addition, Weiwei also helps brands analyze customer flow in specific product areas, and analyzes the correlation between different regions and different products in combination with shelf product data and cash register conversion data to guide subsequent optimization of display layouts and promote related marketing.

Through insights into the entire consumption journey of customers in the store, the brand side can understand users more clearly, use intuitive data charts to find the laws behind the various behavior trajectories of consumers, and refine the in-store area through label management, so that each marketing plan has evidence you can rely on.

Highly intelligent remote store inspections reduce costs and improve efficiency for store operations.

Inspection has always been a thorny problem for large car companies with multiple stores. Weiwei prescribes the right medicine for the Polestar automobile brand, providing a complete remote intelligent inspection system. The inspection staff at the headquarters can use 20 large screens and 7 double-speed states to conduct remote shop inspections on the web platform and mobile terminal. The intelligent inspection system can also identify and detect the parking space scene, allowing the brand headquarters to know the real-time situation of each store well.

It is worth mentioning that when there are low-frequency events that may affect the business, such as out-of-stock products, non-standard display, and insufficient cleanliness, the intelligent inspection system can provide relevant analysis and remind the inspection The inspection staff will immediately go to the next step to deal with the deviation correction.

Not only that, the inspection system also supports the inspection personnel at the headquarters to trace back abnormal events, record personnel-related events, and manually create corresponding resolution process tasks to quickly solve problems and allow stores to implement "responsibility to people". While accumulating customer and employee data, AI and big data are used as the starting point to conduct on-the-job monitoring of shopping guides and judge the interaction between shop assistants and consumers, thus greatly improving the standardized management and service level of stores.

Digitalization helps brands and strengthens business process management.

Through "Alivia", Polestar Automobile can more efficiently manage incidents and tasks in a unified manner. Authorized managers can participate in the configuration of work orders. At the same time, functions such as compliance alarms, sending tasks to the applet, automatic/manual review, real-time data monitoring, customer management and operation go hand in hand, standardizing the business process of the brand , Retail omni-channel digital management provides strong support.

Weil's digital store operation solution has helped Polestar Space increase the accuracy of passenger flow data to over 95%. The low-cost, high-accuracy batch passenger flow data has laid a solid foundation for subsequent business analysis. The staff of Polestar Automobile headquarters can also quickly and comprehensively grasp the operation status of the store, and intuitively analyze the root cause and solve it through the store inspection system as soon as the data is abnormal, realizing the real sense of "playing with the offline store space" .

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