Together with Carrefour, Whale uses SpaceSight intelligent digital display as a starting point to enrich the interaction between customers and products, and to fully display new products, promotional activities, advertisements and other content in front of customers.
  • Background
    Founded in 1959, Carrefour is the pioneer of the hypermarket format, the largest retailer in Europe and the second largest international retail chain group in the world. Now it has more than 11,000 operating retail units, and its business scope covers 30 countries and regions in the world.
  • Demand

    Create a digital beauty retail area to enhance consumer shopping experience.

    Jointly settled brands achieve maximum conversion of incoming traffic.

    Better management and coordination for each promotional activity and promotional information of each brand to be effectively exposed and synchronized.

Solution and Value

Using Whale SpaceSight's intelligent digital display as a starting point to fully display new products, promotional activities, advertisements and other content in front of customers.

Through equipment management capabilities, the rapid integration of Whale Harbor and Whale Analytics helps customers monitor and manage marketing activities in real time, greatly improving operational efficiency.

China's retail industry is developing rapidly. We will assist Carrefour to further deepen digital reform and innovation, and bring more and better life experiences and services to Chinese consumers.


Carrefou x Whale | Revolutionize Retailing with Digital Power

In China's highly competitive retail environment, more and more giants are deploying both online and offline markets. At the same time, the trend of offline stores is moving in the direction of experience stores. As the largest retailer in Europe, Carrefour has been continuously cultivating on the road of smart retail, adopting and implementing a series of store innovation and digital transformation measures.

How to let consumers experience the innovative creativity of displaying product interaction, and increase the consumer interaction experience in offline stores? How to quantify the actual effect of brand point placement and content marketing, and promote the purchase conversion rate? These will put forward higher requirements and challenges to Carrefour's digital operation capabilities and innovation capabilities.

Against such a market background, Whale and Carrefour, together with the intelligent digital display of "Whale SpaceSight", use technological means to enrich the interaction between customers and products, and integrate new products, promotional activities, advertisements, etc. A fuller image is displayed in front of customers. Through "Whale Harbor" and "Whale Analytics", it helps offline stores realize advertising and interactive transformation of marketing information. Ultimately realize the deep integration of online and offline, reconstruct people, goods, and venues, meet user needs, and increase the maximum conversion of incoming traffic.

Display method with both technology and interaction: Trigger interaction as soon as customers approach the intelligent digital display shelf, including interactive methods such as AR, to attract customers to prolong their stay in front of the shelf. When a customer touches a product, information such as the product details page and promotional activities will be displayed immediately on the interactive screen to help customers filter the product. Brands no longer rely on shopping guides, that is, to sell or convey brand concepts and consumer information in an artificial way, and shelves act as "virtual shopping guides".

Unified management and push of online and offline marketing content: We use Harbor to realize unified management and push of online and offline content, and better manage and coordinate the effective exposure and synchronization of promotional information of each brand in each promotional activity. Harbor empowers operations staff to unify SKUs, inventory, pricing, content, and marketing both online and offline. For example, online promotional activities can be synchronized to offline screens in real time; different dynamic interactions can also be quickly generated and pushed to all screens with one click.

Data analysis capabilities of digital display points, monitoring and analysis of customer flow in stores: through the integration of SpaceSight and Analytics, we can realize unified management of terminal equipment, real-time data statistics and analysis. Through SpaceSight, Carrefour can monitor and count in-store and in-store customer flow in real time, customer portraits (such as gender and age), heat maps, time-series analysis charts, and even online and offline unified behavior trajectories and sales funnels of brands, helping retailers and brands to obtain first-hand information offline data, and supports real-time analysis and presentation of data, so that the brands that jointly settle in Carrefour can achieve the maximum conversion of incoming traffic

In this cooperation, Weiwei assisted Carrefour in landing 70+ digital display points, among which the cooperative brands include 14 well-known domestic and foreign brands such as L'Oreal, Xiangyi Materia Medica, and Pechoin. Weiwei has carried out digital upgrades for Carrefour stores, using more abundant intelligent digital displays of beauty makeup and digital product displays in stores, combining display terminal data with business, allowing consumers to spend 200% longer in offline Carrefour stores, and operating digital shelf screen content The efficiency increased by 500%, which greatly improved the efficiency and innovation ability of store operation management for the brand side.

Carrefour has been sparing no effort in promoting digital innovation, comprehensively upgrading the ability of stores to operate digitally and accurately, injecting smart retail genes into Carrefour, and promoting the brand to develop more rapidly in the highly competitive retail field.

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