Lower compliance risks and increase brand exposure

2023-03-04 19:59:03

The primary requirement of Fashion Group A is to reduce manual costs while ensuring compliance.

Through the AIGC capability, Whale helps Fashion Group A achieve efficient content creation based on a custom format. With just a few original materials, you can pre-set templates or content requirements to achieve different format content proliferation.

In Harbor, the operation team can also collaborate online on the different formats of content to output quickly, further improving the efficiency of content delivery across all channels.

Different platforms have different compliance requirements for content. The Whale Compliance Engine helps the group join detailed rules at the platform level and introduces different compliance rules for checking when deploying to different channels.

The above solution helped Group A improve content production efficiency by 70%, reduce error rates by 95%, and improve content modification efficiency by 80%. Over the past year, without significant cost increases, the group's overall content production increased by 300%, effectively enhancing overall content exposure.

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