Optimizing Channel Management and Reducing Project Delivery Cycles

2023-03-04 19:59:03

A certain mother-and-baby has a rich offline channel partner network to assist in offline store construction and sales.

In the traditional way of liaison, the brand liaises with channel partners through a dedicated channel department, transmitting marketing content to the corresponding channel partners through WeChat Enterprise, and liaising with physical materials through mailing.

This delivery method is very inefficient and a large number of channel partners cannot obtain the latest content in a timely manner, leading to low brand satisfaction.

At the same time, the process canvas can achieve online collaboration for different roles at different nodes, and the multi-version management capability can automatically save the latest version in real-time without repeated uploads and downloads.

After the project is launched, Q brand has completed 400 running projects, and the average project delivery cycle has been reduced by 15 days, with an overall operational efficiency increase of more than 50%. The satisfaction of channel partners has also increased by more than 30%.

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